Installous is basically a free version of the appstore.  You can download most apps available in the appstore through here at no charge. What’s the catch? It’s copyright infringement, similar to downloading mp3 music, or downloading movies, or any other copyright protected digital intellectual property. Should you do it, no. Will you do it, yes.  Here’s how it works: You can drag and drop apps directly from itunes onto your desktop and vice versa. You can also email those apps to your friends. The problem is that those apps will have your digital id embedded in it, so unless your friend’s computer is authorized with your appstore user id, your friend won’t be able to sync it using itunes to his iphone or ipt.  This problem is solved in three steps.

Step 1.  A program called Crackulous was created to strip apps of their unique embedded id.

Step 2.  An i-phone patch called appsync was created to allow itunes to sync cracked apps directly with your i-phone or ipod touch using nothing but your itunes software.

Step 3.  A website containing a conglomerate of uploaded cracked apps uploaded by users was created, originally called but now, downloads point to:               The Installous app, links to these sites, allowing you to browse the cracked app collection, download, and install them all from your i-phone or ipt. However,  I recommend downloading the apps directly from to your pc, then drag and drop the app directly into itunes, then sync to your i-phone or ipt.  Reason: at times, apps that are installed via the “Installous” app, get erased after a sync is performed.

What is Installous?

  1. 1.An unlocked i-phone or ipt.

  2. 2.A new cydia source has to be added manually via cydia allowing you access to appsync.

  3. 3.A cydia package download called appsync available through cydia has to be installed after step 2 is completed.

System requirements:

  1. 1. Launch the Cydia Store, click on “Manage”, then click on “Sources”, then click on “edit” on the top right, then click on “add”, which is now displayed on the top left, and type this in:   then click on “Add Source”, then click on “Done”.

  2. 2.Now, you will see an entry called: “” in the “Entered by User” section in the “Sources” section of cydia.  Select “”, and you will now see Appsync for 3.0, Appsync for 3.1. , and Appsync 3.2 (first iPad OS release )Install the appropriate version of Appsync for your Software version of your iDevice

  3. 3.You can find your software version in the “Settings” app of your iDevice, under “General”, then under “About”, then under Version, it should either say, 3.0, 3.1., or 3.2

  4. 4. Appsync for the iPad is available now: Appsync version 3.2

How to Install Appsync:

Warning: Installing the wrong version of Appsync will cause your OS to crash, requiring a system restore to get your idevice functioning again.